Greeting Cards With Dogs

greeting cards with dogs
Irina Petrova
There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world.
Dogs are the most popular pets and no wonder why. They would give unconditional love to their owners and always will be your devoted friend until their last day.
The UK is a great dog-loving country and there is a high demand for greeting cards with dogs. People are very attached to their dogs and you can find cards with our beloved pets in almost every card shop on the high street as well as a great variety of greeting cards with dogs available online.
Greeting cards with dogs are created for any occasion. Their cute, adorable faces are featured on birthday cards, Christmas cards, Valentine’s day cards and many others. And they are always popular and one of the most sold greeting cards.greeting cards with dogs
A lot of times customers are looking for an image of a particular dog breed featured on a greeting card. It may be the card from the dog to its owner or for someone who has this type of dog or simply because it is very cute.
I am doing pet portraits for a while now and about three years ago I started creating greeting cards with dogs as well.
The idea of starting to create greeting cards with my design was in my mind for quite some time but I seem never could find the right style. At some point, it just come up to me. You know what they say ‘if you think persistently about something it will become a reality’, so it did happen to me.
selection of greeting cards with dogs
It is a great pleasure to sketch these beautiful pets which offer us their unconditional love and support and then transfer it into the greeting card.
I am trying to create greeting cards with dogs for different occasions, still, there is a long way to go for me to cover every occasion.
I also do my best to broaden the selection of dog breeds in my greeting cards with dogs.
Recently I decided to create a ‘Thank You’ cards collection from the pets.
I thought it would be a good idea because many times we are using the help of our friends or dog day-care services to look after our four-legged friends. And what a great way to say ‘thank you’ from the dog with one of those greeting cards.
greeting cards with dogs
There is a great variety of dog greeting cards available nowadays: humour cards featuring funny expressions on the dog’s faces and simply cute and adorable cards. There is a choice for everyone!
In my style, I am sticking to the cuteness factor more than anything else and the look in their eyes which is priceless.
I plan to create more greeting cards with dogs and hopefully one day I will have a greeting card with every dog breed.
Please browse through my Greeting Cards With Dogs Collection
And I hope you will find that special card you are looking for!

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