Greeting Cards Online Shop

My Dearest Customer,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for visiting my online shop, where I showcase an exquisite collection of greeting cards and other delightful items. Your presence here means the world to me, and I sincerely hope that you discover beautiful card designs and other treasures that resonate with your taste.

Allow me to share a little about myself and the journey that led me to establish my greeting card business. As a professional artist, my passion for drawings and paintings has been an integral part of my life. Although I pursued this passion wholeheartedly, it was only after reaching the age of 30 that I ventured into the world of art as a profession. Initially, I focused on creating custom portraits for commissions, but over time, I expanded my horizons to include a diverse range of items featuring my artworks.

Over the past few years, I have discovered immense joy in crafting captivating greeting card designs and creating exquisite artworks for future fine art prints and other remarkable pieces. As you explore my online card shop, you will notice that my favourite subjects revolve around animals. I take great pride in offering a wide selection of greeting cards featuring pets and wildlife, which can be found in the charming collections titled "Our Lovely Pets" and "Just Art." Additionally, I have a profound fondness for designing floral-themed cards, which you can explore in my collection "Fulfilled With Flowers."

My creative process encompasses both highly detailed drawings and more loose and expressive sketches. Each collection showcases a distinct style, offering a variety of artistic expressions to suit different preferences. When working on commissioned custom portraits, I ensure that every detail is meticulously captured, creating a realistic and lifelike representation. Soft pastels and coloured pencils are my chosen mediums for these exquisite pieces, which I lovingly create using the reference photos you provide.

If you have an interest in commissioning a pet portrait from me, I invite you to visit my dedicated website at www.irishaspetportraits.co.uk. There, you will find further information and a gallery of exemplary artworks, showcasing the talent and dedication I pour into each creation.

From the earliest days of my childhood, I have been captivated by the art of drawing and painting, even if it occasionally landed me in trouble at school. Today, I am immensely grateful that my lifelong passion has blossomed into my profession, allowing me to share my creations with all who appreciate them.

The utmost satisfaction of my customers holds immeasurable value to me, and I always strive to exceed expectations. Your support and appreciation fuel my artistic journey, and I pledge to continue delivering the very best of my abilities.

With sincerest gratitude and warm wishes,